Catered halls weekly menu

Posted 3 months ago

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Our catered halls offer delicious meals made from highest quality ingredients, whether it's breakfast, brunch or dinner. 

Halls with 39-week contracts get 35 weeks of catering, 31 week contracts receive 31 weeks of catering. Both include 17 meals per week.

Your Meal Plan includes:

  • Light breakfast
    Served Monday-Friday in hall dining room. Residents can access a hot breakfast at the following dining rooms, Atrium, Cripps, Derby, Nightingale, Cavendish and Florence Boot.
  • A weekly allowance of £25
    Loaded onto your University card to spend on your lunchtime meal; this can be used at multiple cafes, restaurants and shops across our campuses.
  • Dinner
    Served Monday -Friday in hall dining room.
  • Weekend provision
    Consisting of Brunch and Dinner of which you can attend 2 meals which are included in the catering package. You can pay for additional meals over the weekend via the dining rooms at the Atrium, Cripps, Derby, Nightingale, Cavendish and Florence Boot.

Download the menus below

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