Your passion for sport can boost your career

Posted 4 months ago

Make your CV attractive to employers

A handful of established businesses said that students who play sports appealed to them and their company, and we wanted to find out why.

We spoke to employees such as Adobe, Ideagen and Domestic and General to get their take on how sports can help with career success. For them it’s not just about hitting the books; it’s about hitting the field, court, or track too.

Read on to understand how participating in sport has helped these employees in their jobs, and how having a passion for sports can benefit your career.

How has participating in sports helped you in the workplace?

Engagement in sports extends beyond physical abilities; it can be a journey that helps you develop and build an array of skills and values. Let’s hear from some professionals who have harnessed the influence of sports to thrive in their careers.

“I played ice hockey and it helped me with confidence and understand the importance of team strengths to achieve” ­– Nicola Jones, Dains Accountants

Nicola has over 25 years of recruitment experience including HR, banking, IT, commercial and complex healthcare. For Nicola, the lessons learned on the ice have translated into a sense of self-assurance, and have deepened her understanding of the significance of teamwork in achieving success.

“Helped with building relationships, self-confidence, self-motivation and competitive nature to succeed”Stephanie Read, Metric Search

Stephanie is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition, and is responsible for all Internal Hiring across Metric Search globally. Stephanie's story highlights how her involvement in sports has allowed her to develop important personal qualities, which have directly benefitted her professional pursuits.

It has definitely helped with networking along with having an opportunity to showcase my values. For example, running a marathon for charity can be publicised and supported by colleagues, who see you volunteering for a worthwhile charity and achieving something great”Alexandra Tullett, Domestic and General

Alexandra’s experience highlights the multifaceted benefits of charity sports participation, and demonstrates how her participation was not only a personal achievement, but a professional one.

How do employers want to see students showcasing their sporting experience when applying for jobs or attending interviews?

When it comes to demonstrating your sporting experience effectively during the application process, our industry experts have some valuable insights to share.

“I would expect to see it in a CV and will often discuss it in an interview if they have listed it in their application.”Sophie Jenner, Adobe

This simple step can make a significant difference in setting you apart from other applicants. Don’t forget to add your sporting background on LinkedIn too!

“Candidates should explain how their skills will be useful to the role. All candidates should refer to the job description when doing this.”Yasmin Castle, Ideagen

This approach ensures that your potential employer sees the direct connection between your sports-related skills and the job at hand.

“Articulate why they play the sport they do, what they gain and enjoy about that sport and how do they manage their sports/study time?”Nicola Jones, Dains Accountants

Providing this additional context not only adds depth to your application but also showcases those critical skills and passion for what you do. In today’s competitive job market, your involvement in sports is a unique asset that can set you apart from the crowd.

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your dedication, teamwork, and resilience, which are highly valued by employers. Take the next step by integrating sports in your CV, LinkedIn profile and confidently bring the power of sportsmanship into your career.

How has your sports involvement contributed to your career journey? There is no time like the present to get more involved with sports to boost your CV!