The transformative power of sports

Posted 5 months ago

Boost your wellbeing, confidence and career success

In the working world, your professional abilities extend beyond your academic qualifications. The skills and attributes you’ve cultivated through sports can give you a unique edge in your career.

We spoke to a number of alumni to explore how sports participation can significantly enhance your wellbeing, boost your confidence, improve your mental health, and ultimately enrich your career. 

We asked our alumni: How have the skills and attributes you have developed while competing in sports translated positively into your professional life?

  • “Participation in sport has really emphasised the impact being active has on my everyday wellbeing. I try to go to the gym every day before work, and I notice in doing so I’m more productive, focused, and in an overall better mood through my day.” – Andrew Salgo, UoN Sports Inclusive Sports Ambassador.

Andrew’s experience shows how incorporating physical activity into your daily routine can be a powerful driver for a more positive and efficient workday.

  • “They improved my confidence in volunteering for other sports, and also the confidence to be successful in applying to a job in the sports sector. They have also helped me so I did not feel out of my depth in a new role.” – Marcus Briggs, President of UoN Dodgeball 2020-22 and Intra Mural Sports Executive, 2021-22. 

Marcus’s journey in sports not only enhanced his self-confidence in taking on various roles, but also enabled him to adapt to the ever-evolving workplace.

  • “Playing tennis and volunteering with the club improved my confidence at university by surrounding myself with peers and staff who were able to provide support and encouragement. Playing sport also helped manage my time, and I found myself in a good routine that ensured I was studying as well as exercising and socialising with friends. Getting out and exercising, or even just getting some fresh air, during busy periods was key to keeping me on track and ensuring I got through my workload. I’m fortunate to work in a sporting environment where this is encouraged.” – Millie Doherty, President of University of Nottingham Tennis Club 2018-19, and SU Sports Officer, 2019-20. 

Millie’s tennis and volunteering experiences underlines how sports can help you build a strong support system and create a well-balanced routine, therefore improving not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing. Millie now works as the Sport Programme Manager for Edinburgh University Sports Union. 

  • “The skills I have developed competing in sports has made me a great team player in the workplace. As a passion driven individual, I have been able to work effectively and efficiently as a team to navigate projects, problem solve and find solutions whilst ensuring that everyone feels valued.” – Sophie Jackson, Women’s Flag Club Member, BUCS Big Wednesday and Flag in Schools Volunteer.

Sophie’s journey from the sports field to the professional world is a great example of how the collaborative spirit fostered in sports has allowed her to problem-solve efficiently and foster inclusivity.

  • “Similar to sports, you might start as a new recruit but if you put the hours in and dedicate yourself, you will succeed and your hard work will be recognised.” – Menaf Al Nasir, Intramural Sports President and UoN Volleyball President 2019-23  

Menaf’s insightful perspective reflects the principles of sport can also be applied to your career. It shows that building experience and gaining insight to a team can help you build and grow.

It’s not only about scoring goals on the field; it’s about scoring goals in life. The transformative power of sports can empower you to achieve greater levels of wellbeing, confidence, and career success than you ever thought possible.