UoN's claims to fame

Posted 4 months ago

Celebrities, films and more!

The University of Nottingham has attracted a lot of students who have gone on to do amazing things over the decades. Some faces you will definitely recognise from Hollywood films and even the campus itself has featured on the silver screen. Here are some of the top celebrity alumni and locations in Nottingham used in films and TV.

Famous alumni

  • Ruth Wilson: This acclaimed actress, known for her roles in "Jane Eyre," "Luther," and "The Affair," graduated from the University of Nottingham. Her diverse range of performances has earned her critical acclaim and several awards.
  • Sir Peter Mansfield: A physicist and Nobel Laureate, Mansfield was instrumental in developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). His groundbreaking work has had a lasting impact on medical diagnostics, saving countless lives worldwide!
  • Ed Balls: Former MP and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Balls has had a significant impact on British politics. He studied at Nottingham before embarking on his political career, which also led him into the realm of television, participating in shows like "Strictly Come Dancing" - the real cherry on top of career cake.
  • Theo James: A big British actor you may recognise from the "Divergent" series or more recently, he featured in the second season of "The White Lotus" (real fans will know him from "The Inbetweeners" movie). His face will likely be featured on a lot of teenage girl's bedroom walls.
  • Tim Martin: The founder of the pub chain JD Wetherspoon ("Wetherspoons"), his controversial opinions might outweigh his accomplishments by this point but he did indeed go to UoN so he makes the list.

Films and TV Shows filmed at UoN (and in the city)

  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Though not directly filmed at the University of Nottingham, Wollaton Hall, located near the campus, was used as the exterior of Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy finale. Its Elizabethan architecture provided the perfect facade for Bruce Wayne's ancestral home.
  • This is England (2006): Directed by Shane Meadows, this influential film was shot in various locations around Nottingham. It offers a raw and poignant look at youth culture in the early '80s. The city's landscape provides a gritty backdrop that contributes significantly to the film's atmosphere.
  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960): This classic British film, based on the novel by Alan Sillitoe (another Nottingham alumnus), was shot in and around Nottingham. It captures the essence of working-class life in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with the city's factories and streets serving as a vivid setting.
  • The Crown (2016): While not directly filmed at the University of Nottingham, the series has used various locations around Nottinghamshire to stand in for different parts of the UK and the Commonwealth. The show's attention to historical detail has made it a hit worldwide.

As you can see there are a bunch of claims to fame (with even more famous graduates we didn't mention here) - who will be the next one? Maybe you!