Navigating your way around campus

Posted 11 months ago

Know how to get from A to B in whichever way suits you best

The University of Nottingham is a BIG place. Learning campus layouts and facility locations is crucial for a smooth ride and there are lots of ways you could potentially get around. We'll go through what you need to know about campus navigation so you can feel confident in knowing where you're going and how to get around with ease.

Campus maps & information

Maps are useful (and not just the Google kind) and we are one you can download for each campus:

  • University Park Campus - Our largest campus, only two miles from the city centre.
  • Jubilee Campus - Our greenest campus, located right by the city centre and University Park.
  • King's Meadow Campus - Located on the edge of the Dunkirk district, less than a mile from both Univerisity Park and Jubilee.
  • Sutton Bonington Campus - Our countryside campus, about 10 miles south of University Park.
  • Queen's Medical Centre - Attached to University Park via a footbridge over the A52.
  • City Hospital - Located far away from the rest, you'll find City Hospital in Sherwood.
  • Royal Derby Hospital - Located in Derby, approximately a 10-minute drive from its town centre.

Halls guide

Check out where each hall is located and also where the welcome points will be for each campus:

How should I get around? Try walking

So now you know how to get around each campus, how do you get from one campus to another? Well, there's a bunch of ways you could go about it but we strongly encourage you to take the greener ways.

We are lucky to have all our main campuses within walking distance from each other so if you can, why not try walk or cycle? Each campus is only just a mile apart, with clearly signposted routes between them all. It will keep you active and reduce the pollution from frequent car journeys.


Take your own bike for a spin or hire an e-bike from Lime. There are bunch of bike bays across the campuses and the city, making it a really easy way to get around. All you have to do is download the app and create an account to start using the service.

UoN students get 'Lime Access' for 50% off unlock and usage fees. Register with your UoN Student Card photo to enjoy the discount on your Lime account. 

Public transport

There are a number of public transport options you can take advantage of:

  • Hopper buses - A free bus service that runs between the main University Park Campus and Jubilee, Sutton Bonington and King's Meadow campuses, and the Royal Derby Hospital Centre.
  • Public buses - Services that run near to campuses as well as into the centre of Nottingham and its adjacent areas.
  • Trams - If you want to go further afield, then you'll want to use a tram to get to Nottingham train station. You have to buy before you board the tram so make sure to get your ticket beforehand.

Cars and parking

You have the option to drive if you have a car but will need to make sure you have the right permits to park in certain areas. There is parking available on each campus for students, staff and visitors. Email the team to find out how you can get the necessary permits:

You have so many travel options at Nottingham but we recommend giving the greener ones a chance, you won't regret it!