Our guide to leaving halls!

Posted 1 month ago

Say hello, wave goodbye

As we approach the end of term, many of you will be planning your departure from hall or have already left to enjoy an early start to summer. 

If you are departing on 22 June please make sure you have left your room and handed back your keys by 10am. If you are departing before this date please hand your keys in at the Welcome Point.

It is important that you ensure you have completed a few tasks before you hand back your keys and check out of your room:

  • Please ensure all personal belongings are removed from your room before you lock your door and return your room key. Be sure to check all drawers, wardrobes and behind your door and remove all blu tak and posters from the walls.
  • Remove all rubbish and dispose of any waste in the external bin area. Make sure that you separate the recycling i.e. cans, plastics, paper and card from the general waste.
  • Empty your fridge of all contents and dispose of any waste in the external bin.
  • If you have a bike, don't forget to take it with you. Security will routinely check on bikes throughout the summer and any abandoned bikes may be removed. 
  • Return your key to your Welcome Point. Keys must be returned to your Welcome Point on departure, if you will be leaving outside of the Welcome Point opening times, envelopes are available for you to post your returned keys. Instruction of where to post the keys are at your Welcome point.

*At Florence Boot Hall your Student Card opens your doors and so you have no need to return any keys. As such we are asking students who are departing to sign out at the Welcome Point Bungalow between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, or complete the checkout form to notify your hall management team of your departure.  If you have already departed Florence Boot Hall, we would ask that you complete the checkout form to notify us of your departure. 

Please ensure you leave the University's mattress protector on your bed, and that the University's travel kettle and desk lamp are left in the room. If you were given or purchased a bedding pack, remember to take it with you as this is your property now (you're welcome).

If you have any further questions you can reach out to your Welcome Point directly for more advice on checking out :)