Flatmates keeping you up at night?

Posted 4 months ago

We can help!

Avoid the drama and keep the noise down

Living in halls is an exciting part of student life - making new friends, hosting gatherings, and enjoying a sense of community. But with exams, essays, and the occasional need for a Netflix binge without background noise, keeping things on the down-low noise-wise is key. If you are having major problems you can always...

Don't hesitate to contact your ResX Social Responsibility team. They are here to help:

☎️ 0115 748 7600

✉️ resx@nottingham.ac.uk

But if you're unsure how you can help keep the noise down yourself, here are our top tips on keeping the peace and quiet in the flat.

1. Know the quiet times

Most halls have those unwritten (sometimes written) rules about when to turn down the decibels. It's usually late night to early morning, or when it's exam season. Stick to these, and you'll avoid the wrath of sleep-deprived neighbours.

2. Headphones when you're by yourself

Got a playlist to listen to or a binge-worthy series to watch? Great, just plug in your headphones. It's your personal bubble where you can jam or laugh as loud as you want! This of course only applies when you're by yourself but it's still a good option to put into practice for those times.

3. Chat it out

Make sure you're all on the same page about noise. A quick chat about when everyone needs a bit of silence can go a long way. It's all about give and take, plus these preferences may change over time - so keep the conversation going!

4. Party smart

Everyone loves a good get-together, but maybe keep the volume in check, especially if it's a school night. If it's possible, party in a designated area where you won’t disturb anyone or at a certain time when you know no one is in the flat.

5. Lead by example

Be the flatmate/neighbour you’d want to have. Keeping your noise down shows respect, and chances are, others will follow suit.

A bit of consideration goes a long way, and it makes sure everyone can enjoy their uni experience to the fullest - whether they're partying, studying, or just chilling out. Keep it cool, keep it respectful, and let’s make those hallways harmonious.