Flatmates leaving the kitchen a mess?

Posted 5 months ago

We can help!

Sharing a flat can be a blast if you play your cards right, especially when it comes to communal spaces like the kitchen. Let’s face it, no one dreams of wading through a sea of dirty dishes just to make a cuppa, nor do they fancy starting World War III over a misplaced cheese grater. If you are having major problems then you can always...

Don't hesitate to contact your ResX Social Responsibility team if things are getting out of hand:

☎️ 0115 748 7600

✉️ resx@nottingham.ac.uk

But if you're unsure how you can help keep things clean in the kitchen, here are our top tips on keeping the peace and cleanliness.

1. Let’s Talk About Clean Baby

What is the first rule of flat-sharing? Talk it out. If the kitchen’s becoming a biohazard or if someone’s midnight snack prep sessions are turning into a full-blown racket, it’s time for a chat. Keep it constructive - it’s about making life easier for everyone, not airing grievances. Leaving notes is not the best form of communication, we would always recommend face-to-face conversations.

2. Divvy Up the Work

Nobody moves into a flat dreaming of a cleaning schedule, but they can actually be a game-changer if you find one person is not pulling their weight/you are doing all the work. Split up the chores so everyone knows what’s what. Stick a rota on the fridge if you have to, it keeps things fair and simple.

3. Clean As You Go

A very simple mantra: clean as you go. Used a plate? Wash it. Spilled something? Wipe it up. This will save the mess from piling up and turning what would be a small job into a job no one wants to do. If you can lead by example then your flatmates will follow!

4. Make It Fun

Remember, the kitchen’s not just a place for passive-aggressive notes about dishwashing. It’s where the magic happens - impromptu pancake breakfasts, pasta nights, and yes, the odd party or two. Cook and clean together, and you’ll find everyone’s more keen to keep it nice.

If you and your flatmates follow these tips, your shared spaces will stay squeaky clean (and if they don't, give us a buzz - we can help).